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Whittlesea Physio is just a short distance from Pheasant Creek and we’d love to offer all local Pheasant Creek residents expert physio care & the opportunity to help you!  Contact our clinic on 03 9716 2250 for additional information.

Physiotherapist near Pheasant CreekPhysiotherapy is a profession that focuses on the assessment, maintenance, and restoration of the physical function and performance of the body. Without our bodies performing at an optimal biomechanical level you will inevitably run into problems and develop imbalances or dysfunctions (not moving properly) that lead to pain/injury and decreased performance. We also manage acute injuries that are the result of an accident, sporting injury or surgery.

Physiotherapists look at the factors which contribute to the problem or presenting complaint of the patient. By addressing the cause (not just the symptoms) of the problem, such as poor posture, improper techniques, muscle imbalances, poor work practices or other bad habits, we can address these issues and hence treat the patient as a whole, obtaining a much better result in the long term. This approach reduces the likelihood of re-occurrence, reduces any worsening of the condition, and helps prevent future degeneration. Physiotherapy Pheasant Creek

Our goal is for you to return to optimal health and keep you there!

Common conditions physiotherapist can assist you with include:

Neck pain
Back Pain
Foot and Ankle
Shoulder pain
Wrist and Hand pain
Elbow pain
Sports Injuries

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