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Women's Health WhittleseaDuring and after pregnancy the low back and sacroiliac joints are under progressive strain due to increased changes in centre of body weight and ligament laxity due to hormones. At Whittlesea Physiotherapy, we specialise in pre and post pregnancy health and can assist you in developing an exercise program to assist with strengthening and stability, making your pregnancy more comfortable. If necessary, we can also assist you with fitting a sacroiliac / back supporting belt or shorts, to help with support and reduce your level of discomfort.

One big focus of our therapy is the pelvic floor musculature, which are often ignored, but play an integral role in our muscular stabilising system. The pelvic floor muscles work to maintain continence, stabilise the pelvis and lumbar spine, and of course play an important role in childbirth and pregnancy. They work in synergy with your deep abdominal muscles to provide a stable base of support and solid foundation for the remainder of the body. Our physiotherapists will help you train these muscles as part of treatment or exercise prescription, helping minimise the effects of reduced muscle control.

If you are experiencing pain, discomfort or limited function during or after pregnancy, a thorough physiotherapy assessment will assist in developing an optimal management plan for your condition.  This will enable your physiotherapist to reduce your pain, improve your function (both in the short and long term) so that you are able to enjoy this precious time in your life.


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